Thanks to early viewers for their feedback!

“The film is wonderfulreal and moving. I feel that I’m talking to some old friends….Congratulations! It should be seen by anyone who is interested in the contemporary Chinese art world.”
—Wu Hung, distinguished professor and curator, University of Chicago

“Students will take interest in the human struggles of the artists in this film. It will open the door to learning about China.”
Ralph Gabbard, Asian studies librarian, Arizona State University

“A note to say BRAVO. I just finished watching the film, and what a lovely, thoughtful job you’ve done. You give each artist her/his full humanity. The gender conversation is so subtle, and yet so well rendered/considered, and the art? It tells a complicated and beautiful and also sad story about Beijing and the world and all of us. ”
—Rachel DeWoskin, author of Foreign Babes in Beijing

“[The film] brings you behind the auction headlines and gallery glitz to a virtual face to face with the subjects in their homes and studios. Their personal stories and relationships as well as their artistic evolutions and challenges in the context of a Chinese society hurtling through myriad changes offer something for all interested in China and/or its culture.”
—Ruth A. Kurzbauer, former U.S. diplomat in China

“I thought the film was really wonderful! …With the beautiful music and seeing it on the big screen, for me it was easy to follow. I appreciated the artists’ extraordinary art, and the film gave me a sense of contemporary China and how quickly things are changing.”
—Amy Cohen-Rose, librarian, Boston

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